Get to know our team

Adele Wise



With over 30 years experience, Adele is extremely passionate, and continuously implements new and exciting ways in which to better the travel industry.

Adele focuses on creating a very well managed office environment that profits great results. The attitude that Adele embraces is very instrumental as she is an exceptionally kind-hearted, warm and positive person. This is clear in every demeanor of her life, whether it be personal or professional.


Travel Tailor

“I love my job! My passion is ensuring our clients have memorable experiences and fulfill their dreams of the perfect holiday. I base relationships with clients on honesty and trust, paying attention to detail and designing tailor-made, unforgettable experiences”.


Describe yourself in 4 words…

Kind, compassionate, curious and determined

What is your favourite part of Southern Africa?

The Garden Route

What is your most memorable wildlife sighting?

Sabi Sands in September 2019, leopard sitting patiently on top of a termite mound waiting for the bushpig to emerge which was followed by a successful hunt

What are your other interests?

Cooking , yoga, walking, reading and music

What made you join the Travel Industry?

The excitement of sharing the most beautiful and captivating Southern Africa, offering a window of the many wonders that South Africa is, the place, the people, the energy, the heartbeat you can only experience in Southern Africa.

What is your favourite restaurant in the Western Cape?

Chefs Warehouse at Beau Constantia – food and views, winning combination.